Sacred Blacksmith Box Cover front

The Sacred Blacksmith RPG is a fan-made game created in the Enterbrain RPG Maker VX program by Scatlink Sean, a YouTuber who does Let's Plays and has covered this game in a Walkthrough. The game runs on PC windows XP and above, and covers all 12 English Dubbed episodes of The Sacred Blacksmith anime including some exclusive after-game bonus content. The game is available to download for free through the download link in the video descriptions.

To see the playlist the creator made for the game's showcase Let's Play, click here:

The download Zip file contains this noteworthy content:

  • The Sacred Blacksmith RPG V1.6 (EXE (The Game))
  • DVD Case Sleeve Artwork (PDF)
  • Instruction Booklet (Word Document)
  • Detailed Screenshot Map of Housman (JPEG)

Playable Characters Edit

As an RPG, the player can take control of multiple characters throughout the game; each with their own equipment, stats and skills that fit their character. Some characters have different designs depending on what point the player is in the story. You can click the names to go to their own pages, while on this page their game details are detailed:

  • Cecily Cambell: A Knight of the Independent Trade Cities of Housman. Wielder of The Demon Sword of Wind.
    • Cecily wears a Maid Outfit during the events of Charlotte E. Frobisher. This also changes her skills, equipment and Character Bio.
    • Cecily wears a Summer Gown during the events of Lisa Oakwood. This also changes her skills, equipment and Character Bio.
  • Luke Ainsworth: The Sacred Blacksmith. Forger of the Sacred Sword.
  • Lisa: The Blacksmith Apprentice.
  • Aria: The Demon Sword of Wind.

Temporary Party Members Edit

These characters join the party for a short time and are playable to a point.

  • Reginald: A Knight of the Independent Trade Cities of Housman. Lieutenant of the Knight Guards.
  • Elsa: The Demon Sword of Lightning.

(Page is in development) Edit

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